I’m Djahane, I’m a coach, and I’m here to help you streamline your world from the inside out.

You feel overwhelmed. You feel distracted.
Your attention is divided and your days are frayed.

You ask yourself:  how did I get to the point where
all the elements of my life, good and bad alike,
teamed up to create such a great noise?

Such a great noise that it’s hard
for me to concentrate and move forward?

I’m here to uplift the essential in your life and work.

I believe alignment is a choice that has amazing and expansive benefits.

Let’s free up space and declutter your life and work.



A collection of powerful worksheets to help you honestly assess where you are, uncover where you really want to be and make a plan for how to get there.  


There are two ways to work with me, both of which are meant to fit into your busy life not add to its chaos.



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